High protection, high comfort CBRN protective garments for optimal performance

Designers & Manufacturers of The Most Advanced Lightweight Level C CBRN Protective Clothing


OPEC CBRNe Ltd, a UK based operation based out of Cheshire, was established by OPEC Systems in 2017 to refine and improve the former Remploy technology. Since then, we have applied cutting edge technical materials and a range of advanced construction techniques to deliver exciting new innovations in suit design.

We continue to improve the designs of key products to ensure they stay relevant to ever evolving threats, whilst pushing the boundary of thermal burden reduction. We do this because, as an end user, we want you to have the right balance of protection and comfort.

If you’re seeking the best lightweight systems, you’re in the right place. As leading designers and manufacturers of the most advanced lightweight Level C CBRN Protective Clothing, our commitment to innovation means that users remain reassuringly protected, while working longer in a more comfortable working environment.

Organisations across the world have chosen our suits because of the reassurance of our 50+ years’ pedigree in CBRN, and our depth of experience to create the most innovative products.Cheshire


OPEC’s Family of suits

You have asked for garments that cover the range of threats that face you. We have listened. Our garments are created for military and front-line emergency personnel and provide protection from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats.

A Family of CBRN Suits

We design and manufacture a range of CBRN garments to accommodate differing end user threats.

Your protection is our priority

Our garments deliver advanced lightweight level C CBRN protection.

Safety and Comfort

Our family of suits are designed to optimise field performance. Our range includes several lightweight and ultra-lightweight versions which deliver comfort and breathability while retaining protection.


Using leading edge materials and advanced design innovation we are constantly refining and developing garments to offer superior protection against evolving threats for today’s front-line soldier and first responder.

A proud pedigree

We are an international brand based in the UK and draw on a proud 50-year legacy.
Our clients range from military to first responder, and include the UK MoD, UK Police and Australian DoD.

Bespoke capability

Our depth of technical expertise means we have the capability to develop bespoke garments to accommodate specific client needs.

Connect With Us

If choosing the most effective Level C suit to protect your people is a pressing concern for you right now, let’s talk.

Quality, Safety & Environment

OPEC CBRNe is committed to helping the environment. Our parent company OPEC Systems is an environmental engineering company and holds the ISO 14001 Environmental accreditation, along with ISO 9001 for Quality and the AS/NZS 4801 OH&S accreditation. As an ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited Company, OPEC has the reduction of environmental impact as one of its core values. We do this by the setting of KPI’s which we monitor and measure vigorously.

Environmental Policy certificates