About Us

Who We Are

OPEC CBRNe is a designer and manufacturer of high comfort, high protection chemical, biological and antiviral suit systems. We became suppliers of the former Remploy range of suits systems in 2019. Since then the OPEC CBRNe Technical and Design team based in Cheshire, UK, have innovated to develop systems which optimise comfort for the end user without compromising protection.

We have innovated and improved chemical and biological suit systems to provide the lightest, most comfortable PPE for both CBRN and antiviral protection.

Our leading product, the Kestrel, was selected by Australian DoD as their system of choice in 2019. With expertise in supplying large volumes as well as smaller MOQ’s, we have manufacturing capability across the world in locations including UK, Asia and USA.

Our People

Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy
(Managing Director)

Peter is the MD, founding member and joint owner of OPEC Systems and has over 25 years' experience in the environmental engineering and consulting industry. Peter holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons) and has competencies in Complex Project Management, Inter-Party Negotiations, Business Development and Training. Peter has led a number of complex projects for State/Federal Government agencies.

Connor Walsh from OPEC Systems

Connor Walsh
(Chief Executive Officer)

Connor is the CEO and joint owner of OPEC CBRNe and parent company OPEC Systems. He has over 25 years of local and international business experience. Joining OPEC in 2005, Connor worked previously for EMI Music Group. Connor holds a Bachelor of Business and is an Associate with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (1989). Connor also holds competencies in Complex Project Management, Contract Negotiation, Business Development and Training.

Geoff Rowland from OPEC Systems

Geoff Rowland
(General Manager OPEC CBRNe)

Prior to joining OPEC, Geoff completed 21 years’ service in the Australian Defence Force, rising to the position of Regimental Sergeant Major. He has a proven track record in General Management and Project Management acting as the Chief Operating Officer for OPEC Systems for 5 years before commencing his role as General Manager – OPEC CBRNe. Geoff is a specialist in the planning and conduct of a wide range of operations including Counter Landmine Warfare, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD), CBRN Defence, Commercial Diving and Asbestos remediation. Geoff has been a Member of the Institute of Explosive Engineers since 2012.

Mike Ransom

Mike Ransom
(Manager of Defence Services)

Mike oversees remediation of unexploded ordnance (UXO) and toxic remnants of war as Manager of OPEC’s Defence Services Division. Mike brings with him a wealth of expertise gained at Australian company Milsearch, where he was engaged for 14 years as the General Manager with responsibility for UXO remediation across Australia, New Zealand, the South West Pacific and South East Asia. New Zealand born Mike also comes to OPEC off the back of 24 years’ military experience with the Royal New Zealand Air Force, where he worked as an Armament Technician and as the Senior Inspector of Explosives.

Sarah Hassinger
(Business Development Manager, North America)

Sarah held the position of Remploy Business Development Manager, North America for eight years. She helped establish the first Remploy office in the USA and developed working relationships with various civil and military agencies in the US, Canada and South America. Sarah was Board Member and Treasurer of the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Industry Group from 2011 – 2017. Prior to employment with Remploy, she had an extensive career as an educator at primary and secondary levels.

Jan Burrows

Jan Burrows
(Quality Manager)

As Quality Manager, Jan ensures samples and production are produced to the highest standards. Jan brings 30+years’ experience in the PPE industry, specialising in in Flame Retardant and First Responder PPE. From initiating Research and Development projects to the final product, Jan oversees all aspect of quality and compliance. As the OPEC CBRNe Auditor, Jan has been instrumental in the award of ISO9001 certification, ensuring ongoing compliance throughout the company and its partners.

Janet Atkinson

Janet Atkinson
(Operations manager)

Janet has worked within the PPE industry for 30+ years and brings a wealth of knowledge from the sector, specialising in Flame Retardant and First Responder PPE. As Operations Manager, Janet will oversees from initial contact through to the delivery of goods, ensuring compliance at every step of the way. Working closely with Research and Development, and specialising in pattern fit and garment performance, Janet has been integral to the advancement of the current CBRN offering. Janet coordinates closely with the supply chain to ensure the timely delivery of all raw materials to our manufacturing units, adding import and export capability to her ever expanding portfolio!