Our technical team can help answer any questions you may have including:

  1. Donning and Doffing training
    The way an ensemble is donned and doffed is critical both to its performance against Chemical Warfare agents and to ensuring that any local contamination is minimised. We can offer full training and advice in this area.
  2. Advice on respirator integration
    Our suits are designed to be worn with a range of respirators from all the major providers. Where you need to integrate with an existing respirator, we can also make hood interface alterations if necessary, subject to contract volume.
  3. Whole ‘ensemble’ offering
    We can provide your whole ensemble to ensure it fully integrates and provides the best combination for end user comfort and safety.
  4. Assistance with User Guides, storage, out of bag life and laundering
    Maintenance according to strict protocols is essential to the product performance. If you need guidance with the ongoing maintenance of your product, we can provide this including presentations to users and user groups.
  5. Guidance on choice and use of Accessories
    We will help you choose the correct accessories and give integration advice with them.