VIPER - Type 4 Coverall - Antiviral

The VIPER – Type 4 is a light and breathable coverall allowing extended wear without heat burden. It is re-usable and fully launderable meaning its use will reduce environmental impact compared with disposable systems. Effective against a wide range of pathogens and viruses, including Covid 19, it is ideal day-long protection for Healthcare users and the First Responder community.


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The VIPER – Type 4 is a reusable, comfortable and highly protective coverall. It has been designed to provide a lightweight, full body protective coverage for first responders in healthcare, police and security operational environments where airborne and depository pathogen challenge is likely. It will protect against contaminated liquids, aerosol particulates, blood and blood borne pathogens and critically, against viruses like COVID-19.

Features and Benefits

  • Maximum protection
  • Reusable therefore reduces environmental impact
  • Light and comfortable
  • Excellent tear and bursting strength
  • Impermeable to fluids
  • Breathable
  • Compatible with a range of accessories
  • Fully launderable
  • Highly cost effective
  • Can be used as a standalone garment or overgarment
  • Available in a range of colours

The antiviral suit system is accredited as a Type 4 under the ISO EN14126:2003 and ISO16604 performance requirements and the ASTM F1671 bacteriophage challenge benchmarks.

Further details: Viper Type 4 Coverall

Material Composition

1 x 1 PW 100% PES laminated with a bi-component ePTFE/PU membrane with bonded inner
100% PES tricot scrim liner.

Mass in g/m2

1 x 1 PW 100% PES – 155 g/m2
bi-component ePTFE/PU membrane – 23 g/m2
PES tricot scrim – 54 g/m2

Physical Composition

Type 4

Materials permeation

ISO EN14126:2003

Seam permeation