Roc – Civil Responder CBRN Suit

Compared with other Civil Responder suit solutions, the Roc offers an optimal balance of a low thermal burden and maximum protection against a range of threats (including liquids and vapour) allowing the wearer to have far greater functionality in their role.

The Roc is a single piece garment that delivers a simple and quick donning solution. Its three layer protection system utilises the latest fabric technology to ensure comfort, high protection levels, and great structural strength. With a host of features enabling the Civil Responder to work comfortably, the Roc is suitable for use with multiple respirator, glove and boot options. However, optimum protection, dexterity and comfort are achieved when the suit is utilised as an ensemble. The Roc represents the next generation in comfort and protection for Civil Responder garments


  • Conforms to NATO standards
  • Greater comfort and low physiological burden
  • Maximum protection
  • Quick donning
  • 10 year minimum shelf life
  • Compatible with a range of accessories
  • Fire retardant and water/oil repellent
  • Rugged and durable
  • Available in various colours and patterns

Further details: OPEC CBRNe Protective Suit_Roc

French translation: OPEC CBRNe Protective Suit_Roc_French Translation

Material Composition

Outer shell: Rip stop cotton/polyester
laminated to a semi permeable membrane
Liner: 100% activated carbon fiber laminated to a 100% polyester protective scrim

Mass in g/m2 -outer shell material -liner carbon material (with 70g/m2 carbon load)

265 g/m2 +/- 10%
134 g/m2 +/- 10%

Flame retardency

Index 3

Materials chemical permeation: CWA -other CBRN challenges

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