Phoenix - Ultra Lightweight CBRN Protective Suit

The Phoenix CBRN Protection Suit combines the most versatile lightest operational CBRN protection technology along with functionality for the military and civil security services around the world.


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The Phoenix provides CBRN protection in a high threat/low hazard environment where a wide range of challenges are present. Lightweight and highly breathable, the Phoenix is an effective emergency CBRN protective solution that allows both commanders and users to maximise their full operational capabilities and functions, even in the most challenging environments.

Features and Benefits

  • 10 year minimum shelf life
  • Up to 20 times laundering
  • 35% lighter than current systems
  • Greater breathability and lower thermal burden
  • Compatible with a range of respirators
  • Inherently fire retardant
  • Provides both emergency CBRN and general purpose functionality

The Phoenix provides demonstrable improvement in comfort at high and low temperature and humidity. Impact on body temperature at high humidity is also lower when measured against conventional (CB Classic) CBRN suits.

The Phoenix has been specifically developed to be conformant to the most recent changes within the NATO performance criteria for CBRN emergency PPE i.e. high threat, low hazard for short term operational deployment.

Further details: OPEC CBRNe Protective Suit_Phoenix

French translation: OPEC CBRNe Protective Suit_Phoenix_French Translation

Materical Composition

Outer Shell: 43/35/22 modacrylic/cotton/para-aramid.
Liner: 100% activated carbon fibre laminated to a 100%
polyester protective scrim

Mass in g/m²

outer shell material: 145 g/m² ± 10%
liner carbon material (with 70g/m² carbon load): 134 g/m² ± 10%

Flame retardancy

Index 3 (new material performance and
sustained material performance after 12 x 60°C washes)

Air Permeability

combined outer & liner – 456.23 mm/sec, 100 Pa
Rct – combined outer & liner – 0.02 m²K/W
Ret – combined outer & liner – 5.30 m²PA/W

Materials chemical permeation - CWA - other CBRN challenges

Disclosure upon specific request
– conditional terms may apply