Harrier Lite CBRN Protective Glove

A high quality, full fitting CBRN glove with Level 2 cut resistance and Kevlar flash protection. Suitable for First Responder and military applications it is lighter in weight and more dextrous than the Harrier.


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A high quality, medium weight, close-fitting full fingered tactical firearms
glove with leather palm. The Harrier lite affords 24-hour protection against
vaporous Chemical Warfare Agents and gives qualified liquid protection.


  • High dexterity for user
  • Fingertip ‘Touchscreen’ capability
  • Materials CWA chemical permeation data available on request
  • Flame-resistant back
  • Extremely high comfort
  • Available in black, sage green and tan

Further details: Harrier Lite CBRN Protective Glove