Harrier Flex CBRN Protective Glove

A leather/Nomex/ACF carbon fabric combination provides full CBRN protection whilst giving the user ultimate dexterity. Ideal for the Specialist user it features five finger touchscreen technology and is fully launderable.  


Utilising a highly protective yet comfortable NOMEX and leather
combination, the Harrier Flex affords 24-hour protection against vaporous
Chemical Warfare Agents and gives qualified liquid protection. The Harrier
Flex is our most dexterious glove suitable for the CBRN specialist user.


  • Extremely high dexterity for user
  • Fingertip ‘Touchscreen’ capability
  • Materials CWA chemical permeation data
    available on request
  • Flame-resistant back
  • Extremely high comfort
  • Available in black, sage green and tan

Further details: Harrier Flex CBRN Protective Glove