The Avocet is a reusable, comfortable and highly protective coverall. It has been designed to provide a lightweight, full body protective coverage for first responders in healthcare, police and security operational environments where airborne and depository pathogen challenge is likely.



The concept of a layered protection system is relatively new within the CBRN PPE space. The key features and benefits are:

  • The ability to build up suit layers to match the chemical threat
  • To afford a greater comfort level for the end user by not ‘over-protecting’
  • To offer a layered system which fully integrates
  • To offer high permeability and pair permeability where appropriate
  • To extend protection up to a greater level of liquid and aerosol protection

The Avocet therefore combines this flexibility with many of the features of other suit systems within the OPEC CBRNe family:

– Exceeds NATO AEP38 requirements

– Minimum 10 year shelf life

– 20 times launderable

– Comfortable with low thermal burden when required- extending to moderate comfort affording high specific threat protection

– Available in a range of colours and camouflage patterns

– Water and oil repellent

– IRR feature if required