Airboss Moulded Glove

The AirBoss Moulded Glove (AMG) is butyl rubber protective glove intended for use in both military and first response CBRN environments. The AMG offers superior protection, fit and operational efficiency. Users will be able to maintain their level of efficiency while wearing the glove and be able to carry out fine motor tasks including taking a pulse (wrist and carotid), manipulating small objects and operating touch screen or small keypad devices.



The AMG is made from injected butyl rubber which allows for a uniform thickness throughout the glove. The glove is ambidextrous and features a textured palm and fingertips and corrugated joints for enhanced dexterity and tactility. The wrist is snug enough to ensure no slippage on the hand and the cuff is long to ensure proper integration with a wide variety of protective garments.

The smooth butyl surface provides excellent protection against CBRN threats, including a wide variety of toxic industrial chemicals and is also ideal for easy decontamination. The glove is lightly dusted with a non-irritant, non-toxic mineral powder for a tacky-free finish.

The AMG also include a comfort liner, designed to aid in moisture management and comfort of the user. The liner is made of a seamless, knitted construction and is made from a blend of Coolmax, Lycra and Viscose. This fibre blend is the best combination for moisture management, wicking and elasticity as per study Evaluation of Candidate Glove Liners for Reduction of Skin Maceration in Chemical Protective Glove form 1996. As an optional feature when requested, this liner can be treated with an antimicrobial to avoid bacterial development.

The Design and Fit of the AMG is based on the Canadian Forces Glove Fit Study Volume III: Development of an Integrated Anthropometric Sizing System for Chemical Biological Protective Gloves, DRDC Suffield. 1997 and the Anthropometric Survey of the US Army, 1988.

Further details: Airboss Moulded Glove.pdf