24 June 2022:

Twenty-year Defence veteran, Geoff Rowland, is the newly appointed General Manager of UK based OPEC CBRNe. Geoff will arrive in the UK in August to take over the reins.

“With current world events continuing to shape nations and communities, OPEC CBRNe remains in a strong position to engage and service all aspects of the CBRN market,” said Managing Director, Peter Murphy of parent company OPEC Systems. 

“We are delighted to bring Geoff into the CBRNe team and know that he will bring his considerable expertise from Defence, along with his talent in Defence remediation and global supply chains to the fore in this role,” Peter said. 

The appointment of Mr Rowland coincides with a restructure of OPEC CBRNe to realign capability with achievement of the Land2110 Project for the Australian Defence Force, and completion of the design and testing phase of the OPEC CBRNe Family of Suits. 

“The Land2110 project was a resounding success for OPEC CBRNe and involved delivery of tens of thousands of Kestrel CBRN ensembles and other specialised CBRN equipment for the Australian Army,” Peter said. 

“This project has now largely concluded and we are delighted that the pedigree Kestrel garment is now on the ground providing important CBRN safety to Australian soldiers.”  

With design, technological refinement, integration and testing of the OPEC CBRNe Family of Suits now largely completed, OPEC CBRNe is shifting focus to bring its key ensembles to the market.  

The restructure at OPEC CBRNe has seen all technical development capability returned to Australia, whilst the United Kingdom has retained project management and quality assurance capability. 

Going forward, OPEC CBRNe remains committed to:  

  • Delivering the same high level of technological innovation to cater for both the military and first responder markets across a wide spectrum of threat environments, climates and seasons 
  • Ensuring high levels of protection and comfort within each garment 
  • Supplying specialist garments which provide aerosol and anti-viral protection