Sometimes the planets just align and so it has proven for recently recruited Sample Sewing Machinist, Gaby Townley. 

Gaby has enjoyed a hugely successful career in the textile industry. She started out as an apprentice tailor before working as Tailor for the British Forces where she undertook sizing’s and alterations of uniforms. This was followed up with work as a Tailoress for a Body Armour Company. She also has extensive design experience, particularly in the creation of men’s coats. 

Finding someone like Gaby with an ideal experience skillset is a great bonus for the CBRNe team. The fact that she lives just down the road in Warrington makes her recruitment even more serendipitous.   

“It was pure luck that I saw the advertisement. I really love working in a small team and to be involved in the innovation side as well as the construction of a garment,” Gaby said. 

A typical day for Gaby involves developing one-off garments which might be completely new or a tweak on an existing garment. She then cuts and sews the garment, liaising closely with the pattern maker and the designer to ensure everything works together. The one-off garment then becomes a sample, which may be taken to a factory as a blueprint for further production. 

“In this role there are constantly new things to learn. Every designer works differently, and each work sheet is different to the last. But the team here have made the transition easy for me.”  

German born Gaby has lived in the UK since 1993 and joins a growing team of specialists at OPEC CBRNe. 

When not at work, Gaby is a keen Pilates devotee and prior to COVID she volunteered at an Emergency Night Shelter.