We proudly launched a reusable antiviral PPE coverall, known as the VIPER – Type 4, which offers comprehensive COVID-19 protection and enhanced safety for health care and first responder personnel.

The VIPER – Type 4 draws on our expertise in manufacture of CBRN garments to create a reusable coverall that also protects against contaminated liquids, aerosol particulates, blood and blood borne pathogens, and viruses including #COVID19.

An important point of difference with the VIPER – Type 4 is it can be laundered thirty times, enabling reduced environmental impact in comparison to disposable systems.

The lightweight all-in-one garment retains both comfort and breathability for wearers while ensuring full body protection.

The VIPER – Type 4 is compatible with a range of accessories and can be used either as a standalone garment or overgarment.

It is a ‘Type 4’ protective system as defined by ISO EN14126:2003 and fulfils the requirements of ISO16604.

For more information, please visit or email: [email protected] .